Blue Flower

Book 1 Time TravellersBook Description

Publication Date: October 25, 2013
While holidaying in a houseboat in the middle of a dried lake bed, the Stanton kids, along with their cousins, find a Time Machine.

Somebody is using the device for their own evil purposes...

The children must travel backwards and forwards in time as they strive to outwit the culprit and his crazed plans.


Posted November 14, 2013
Reviewed by Michelle Robertson for Readers' Favorite

The Time Travelers Book 1 is an astonishing adventure story introducing young readers to the combined concepts of imagination and scientific reality. Children love to learn new things and to imagine themselves doing the impossible. This excitement allows them to grow and think creatively. Author Linda Massola has ticked both the learning and imaginative creativity boxes with a science fiction story plot by speaking of time travel, but also by teaching a lesson on water, or H20. For example; the characters are first introduced in the story attending a science class learning about water. Later in the story, they have to use that very lesson in a situation in which they become involved.

The book can be used by parents and teachers alike as a learning, creative writing, and discussion aid providing topics such as: time travel, scientific engineering, and the study of water or just a fun read for all to enjoy. Author Linda Massola takes her readers into a realm or mind set where they have to differentiate between scientific reality and imaginative circumstances, but the same thought leaves them wondering what if the imaginative became the scientific? This introduces a child to creative thinking or writing. The idea of time travel opens up many areas of learning, thinking, and fun for children. I enjoyed this story very much. An adult reader might find themselves thinking back to their childhood when there were no limits to the imagination or learning, just as I did when completing each chapter.